ELEPHANT SOFA chaiselongue left arm

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[온라인]KNS_SWATCH_Mode[MAHARAM] MODE - black wood3,014,000 부가가치세 포함
[온라인]KNS_SWATCH_Mode[MAHARAM] MODE - natural wood3,014,000 부가가치세 포함
[온라인]KNS_SWATCH_Merit_수정[MAHARAM] MERIT - black wood3,014,000 부가가치세 포함
[온라인]KNS_SWATCH_Merit_수정[MAHARAM] MERIT - natural wood3,014,000 부가가치세 포함
[온라인]KNS_SWATCH_Trio_추가[KVADRAT] STEELCUT TRIO 3 - black wood3,546,000 부가가치세 포함
[온라인]KNS_SWATCH_Trio_추가[KVADRAT] STEELCUT TRIO 3 - natural wood3,546,000 부가가치세 포함
[온라인]KNS_SWATCH_Rafsimons[KVADRAT] RAF SIMONS vidar 4 - black wood4,078,000 부가가치세 포함
[온라인]KNS_SWATCH_Rafsimons[KVADRAT] RAF SIMONS vidar 4 - natural wood4,078,000 부가가치세 포함

elephant sofa the shezlong left arm is a simple and elegant sofa that can be used in a wide range of private and public spaces. overall, the soft shape gives you the coziness and the curved armrests give you the pleasure and comfort of sitting in a variety of positions. the cover is cushioned with durable pocket springs and high quality urethane foam. among the different types of modules, it is a long sofa with armrests on the left side.

Designer : Christian Haas
Size : W850 x D1500 x H660 (SH390) mm
Material : Chestnut / Cover : Fabric / Cushion : Pocket Spring, Urethane Foam

*Fabric Options (Alternative of 20 Types)- [MAHARAM] MODE Maharam Mode (6 types)80% Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester, 20% Polyester- [MAHARAM] MERIT Maharam Merit (4 Types)76% Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester, 24% Polyester- [KVADRAT] Steelcut Trio 3 (4 types)90% New Wool (Ustide = Consumption Fabric), 10% Nylon
– [KVADRAT] RAF SIMONS VIDAR 4 Kvadrat Raf Simmons Vidar 4 (6 types)

94% New Wool,

6% Nylon

frame options: black / natural

country of origin : japan
manufacturer : garimoku

*Please check the texture of the fabric with the required fill image at the time of purchase, select one of the eight purchase options to ‘Contain’ it, and include the
color name of the fabric you want from a total of 20 colors of fabric in the Shipping Request box.
Example) B783