All Variations

karimoku60_dchair_TARP GREEN_W36460GWtarp green / walnut679,000 부가가치세 포함
karimoku60_dchair_STANDARD BLACK_W36460BWstandard black / walnut670,000 부가가치세 포함
karimoku60_dchair_liber brown_w36480WEliber brown / pure beech782,000 부가가치세 포함

The D-chair, which was discontinued in 1973, was reprinted in 2002 under the Garimoku 60 brand.
Following the first model Tarp Green Seat, Standard Black was launched 2 years later to establish itself as an existing line-up, with little to no new specs being released thereafter.
At the time of its development, the D chair, made of a simple living chair, was designed to be about 2 cm lower on the left side than a typical dining chair, and the large area of the left side and the scientifically designed angle make it feel surprisingly comfortable to sit on a sofa.
The detailed, smoothly machined curved finish of the armrests where the arms naturally lie down the moment you sit down is also beautiful and comfortable.

Size : W620 x D600 x H695 x SH405 mm
Material : Rubber wood, Chestnut / Sheet : Synthetic leather, fabric

country of origin : japan
manufacturer : garimoku