All Variations

karimoku60_lobbychair1seat_vespa gray_U36210CDvespa gray / dark walnut1,131,000 부가가치세 포함
karimoku60_lobbychair1seat_STANDARD BLACK_ U36210BDstandard black / dark walnut842,000 부가가치세 포함
karimoku60_lobbychair1seat_MOQUETTE GREEN_U36210QDmoquette green / dark walnut931,000 부가가치세 포함
karimoku60_lobbychair1seat_liber brown_U36210DDlibel brown / dark walnut931,000 부가가치세 포함

Robbie Chair was born in 1968. It is a steady-seller that continues to be made as it was designed at the time of its birth. In the wake of the 60 VISION PROJECT, the moquette green has been added, and new products are being added over and over again, making it in a variety of varieties. The sheet is a removable form and when it is damaged or dirty, only the sheet can be replaced separately, making it a classic item that can be used for a long time. It is spread for 1, 2 and 3 people and has a depth of 8 cm inside the left side than the K chair.

Size : W750 x D780 x H730 x SH390 mm
Material : Chestnut / Sheet : Synthetic Leather, Fabric / Cushion : Urethane Foam

country of origin : japan
manufacturer : garimoku